The Truth About American’s Weight Battle

fat americanIt’s a known fact that about three-quarters of American’s population is obese. These may be surprising to some, but it’s the truth. It’s odd how obesity had seemed to plague this country, which is also the main source of the most famous diet in circulation. But why are Americans fat? Who would think that the answer to this question also lie on the Americans themselves.

Could it be caused by too much information already? Of all the information about what’s the right food to eat and what’s not, to how a person’s blood type should be considered in choosing the food to eat, even to the idea of whether to eat or not to eat more carbohydrates—these people end up so confused in choosing the right one, ending up eating more out of desperation and frustration.

Or is it their lack of patience that made them a victim of their own weight. The problem with this people is that they are too caught up with their daily activities that they end up taking their health to the backseat to avoid delay. It’s so easy for them to refuse a program that would take time to take effect and would rather try the ones that offer the shortest time frame and just jump to another diet program if it didn’t work. They should realize that the way out of obesity will take the same amount of time that took fat american1them to that situation. There is no such thing as an instant solution. But they are too busy to think about that.

It’s sad to think, but there is a so-called “weight loss industry” existing. From the food that you eat to the different weight loss solutions that’s been coming out promising to shed pounds. Some people may not be aware of it but there are people who benefit from these.

With all the solutions available, it will all boil down to one realization. Your condition will all depend entirely on you. You are what you eat. And in the unending battle against obesity, you can choose to live a healthy lifestyle to get you out of that “heavy” situation or you can just stay that way and continue being “some people’s guinea pig.”

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