Eva Longoria On Potato Crisps

Eva LongoriaTo stay good looking and in great shape is one of the targets of most celebrities. Although it might be superficial, but definitely we cannot deny that in the world of glamour and glitz, to look good is a must. That why actresses, like Eva Longoria, are quite conscious with the food they eat. And because diet conscious Eva Longoria endorses potato crisps, many are stunned or surprised especially since they know that she is quite particular on how her body looks.

It appeared that Longoria together with Chef Michael Symon are the ones who will help Lay’s Potato Chips “Do Us A Flavor” contest. They will help to choose the final three of the best flavor proposal for the potato crisp company. Even this may sound great to Lay’s loyal consumers and may get them excited, many are skeptical with her participation.

Well, we all know that potato chip is one of the most common junk foods that most people Eva Longoria1consume. It contains a lot of salt which is a retainer of water and it also contains great amount of cholesterol and calorie. And for a diet enthusiast and for someone who is concerned with her figure and body, this participation may really seem weird or out of line. Not only because it is a potato crisp, but also because it is obviously one of the big no-no’s in healthy food diet.

However, even with that issue and concern, the well-known potato crisp brand is definitely giving a great price for its consumers to participate in and give the flavor they think their fellow consumers will love. And with the help of Eva Longoria and Chef Symons, let us all hope and keep our fingers crossed until the final three are chosen and the best flavor to be launched in the future. Whether this is healthy or not, it will of course depend on how often you will eat it.

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